Digital Eye Exams

Advanced screening for early disease detection without drops, probes, or pupil dilation.

Use digital equipment

  • Optomap, Widefield Retinal Imaging
  • Auto Refraction allows us to do all of the following: Autorefraction, Corneal topography, and Wavefront Aberration
  • Automated Phoropter

Custom Rx

  • Dr. Malik has a knack for customizing your prescription for various lifestyle needs such as: piano, computer, golf, tactical safety, scuba/swimming, and more!

Pre-screening for children 5 years and up

  • Get your child ready prior to the start of his/her school year!
    At E&O, we provide the most advanced, comfortable and thorough eye exam possible! We have state-of- the-art digital equipment that requires little contact to your eyes!

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